My name is Alaina (Uh-Lay-Nuh for English speakers, Elena for Spanish speakers) and this is my blog. I’m a writer, a poet, a storyteller, a teacher, and I work in Marketing & Communications. I’m constantly seeking out opportunities to learn new things, which could take me anywhere. While my residence or career may shift, my hope is to make this a constant home where I can share the many adventures, stories, challenges, and small anecdotes about traveling, living out dreams, stepping outside comfort zones, teaching, creative writing, being queer, mental health, wellness, and coping with this wild journey.

Currently, I’ll be chronicling my life in the United States, and all the trips and food eaten between. I hope you see little pieces of your self in my words and discover something valuable in what I have to say. Thanks for reading!




5 responses to “About”

  1. Bob Landi Avatar
    Bob Landi

    Cheers to you too. Don’t forget to mention your poppa…..now and then if a good starting/reference point is needed. Love,Dad.


    1. alainarlandi Avatar

      Of course! Love you papa!


  2. Maria Rico Avatar

    Hola, princesa, tendré complicado leer tu blog si no lo escribes en dos idiomas, pero haré un gran esfuerzo con el traductor de Google.


    1. alainarlandi Avatar

      jajaj se agradece el esfuerzo! Pronto traduciré el contenido. Un beso grande!


  3. nidhisaraf Avatar

    Cheers! Amazing , I love my papa and have been thinking about him from some days.

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